Perfect Summer Tan

If you’re like me,than you should really read this post. I can’t imagine summer without my skin being perfectly tanned. There is nothing worse than going to the beach being pale as a ghost,thank God I have a few tricks up my sleeve so that never happens to me. First: in the late Spring that first rise of temperature i’m the first one at the beach with my olive oil,that’s right, OLIVE OIL. Olive oil is super healthy for your body,it was found out that olive oil helps to prevent skin cancer so it’s completely safe to put it on your skin and expose it to the sun. It’s very healthy but also it will give you that perfect bronzed skin. Just spread it all over your skin and enjoy it. I’m only for that natural tan so i don’t go spray tanning or anything like that,so I can’t give you any tips on that. Hope you all have a great tanned summer !

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